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Here, we will learn how to edit, update, delete record to Details View in ASP. If you click Cancel Button then Details View back to original Readonly mode.

The Current Mode of Details View contorl is Read Only we change the mode to Edit for Editing Record..

Has anybody found an RSS reader that can work with JIRA/updating RSS items?

I don't know if it'll give you trouble connecting to an authenticated feed, but it's worth a shot.

Let me start with “What is an Item Event Receiver”Item Event receivers in Microsoft Share Point 2010 enable your custom code to respond when specific actions occur on a Share Point List Item.the actual Add / Update operation for which the Adding / Updating event is being fired).Do NOT try to manually get the list item in code and update a property on it because the optimistic locking mechanism in Share Point may throw an error later on when the operation associated with the event to which you are responding attempts to complete.I assumed I could just write the old values to the snapshot table in the Item Updating() sub - but I am getting an error. Old Values '******* 'Here I am trying to loop through all of the old values and add them to the stored procedure parameters. Here is what my code looks like: Try Dim str_SQL As String = "sp_Update_LOG" Dim affected Rows As Integer Dim Old Values Array As New Array List() Dim entry As Dictionary Entry Dim connection As Sql Connection = Connection Manager. The first example I commented out because I am unsure of how to specify the data type when I loop through it.

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