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Thank a healthcare worker i come into contact with those afflicted with Hep C on an almost daily basis....a healthcare worker few diseases scare me as much as Hep C............although there are treatments that can prolong the quality and length of life there is NO CURE for hep C.....best way is to avoid high risk lifestyles such as unprotected sex and IV's drug use ect....Hep C is one of the strongest bugs out there. Among each type there are genotypes, between them, ...a myriad of differences in treatment and outlook.Hep C a virus and therefore is unaffected by anti biotics. Then years later get checked it shows up, if you've been exposed to it I mean.? Do yourself a favour, if you want knowledge, ignore anything in this thread and do your research. BTW, it is possible to have Hep C in viral remission (as good odds as 80%), the odds depend on the genotype, ...."A", "B" and other variants are not cross tolerant and are as different from "C" as Polio.Each of the Courts dismissed the federal government’s application to have the excess capital paid to Canada.A copy of the decisions can be found by clicking on the link to the applicable province below.Infection with this virus puts patients at risk for developing cirrhosis and liver cancer and may necessitate a liver transplant or ultimately may lead to a slow and painful death.Hepatitis C is treatable and even curable for a vast majority of patients.The workshop will provide a broad overview of how, why and when PRAs must be supported in four areas: administrative, financial, emotional and educational.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... It seems that many people that have it get some liver problems later on.. I have heard stories of lots of things affecting the liver and then add everyday compounding of stress on any one organ - can't be good. Tell your friend Good Luck from us at your friend see a hepatologist. A liver biopsy is also recommended to assess the stage of fibrosis and other issues.The Global Hepatitis C (HCV) Network aims to facilitate international HCV knowledge exchange and bridge the gap between Canadian and global HCV initiatives.Composed of international volunteer members with knowledge and expertise in HCV, the Network works to identify and share best practices and initiatives being used in HCV programs around the world with a focus on four key areas: Prevention & Awareness, Research & Surveillance, Diagnosis, and Treatment.There is little risk of transmission of the infection to others except in the case of those who contracted the virus through injection drug use.Consequently, once treated, the majority of patients will be cured and not at risk of re-infection.

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